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This is so cool.

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Mermersing  Paper Art Made From Strips Of Colored Paper by Yulia Brodskaya | Facebook Amazon  | Twitter | Pinterest 

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There are a million and one ways to make art of paper (as we proved in our paper art post), but there’s one artist who recently caught our eye (again). Yulia Brodskaya, an artist and illustrator born in Moscow, creates stunning works of art using the quilled paper technique.

While quilled paper seems simple at first glance, we’ve never seen someone whose work matches Brodskaya’s in terms of detail, color and expressiveness. This art is create by rolling or bending strips of paper and gluing their side to the surface. This makes them essentially lines, but the paper’s width gives these “lines” a depth that 2d art can lack.

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It’s OK to believe in life after love. Cher if u agree

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Times Square from above.

Times Square from above.

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Omg thanks now I’m craving Nippons

Omg thanks now I’m craving Nippons

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today some guy with a mine craft shirt came up and ordered some bologna and the price came up as 4.04 and he said “4.04… bologna not found” under his breath

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tumblr is the saddest on the weekends because we see who has a life and who doesn’t

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